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Polycarbonate Range
  • Economical solution to evict birds away
  • Extremely light weight & easy-to-install
  • Visually discreet
  • 10 years warranty
The Problem

Unsightly, damaging and unsafe, bird excrement is a costly hazard. It corrodes paint, building facades and structures over time, while also being a notorious carrier of weeds and diseases.

Businesses suffer the cost of damaged goods, packaging and machinery while home owners face expensive maintenance for damaged roofs and solar panels, blocked gutters and damaged air conditioner units.

While trapping and gassing birds can have short-term results, they inevitably return to the area. Where can property owners turn to safeguard their assets and staff?

The answer is VEXO Bird Spikes.

A single pigeon is known to produce up to 11.5kg of faeces per year!
The Solution

Safe, durable and effective, VEXO bird spikes have been trusted for over 20 years in Australia and around the world to protect buildings from birds.

VEXO bird spikes provide a strong visual deterrent to discourage birds from landing, perching and nesting on buildings, ensuring a lasting and maintenance-free defence against bird damage.

Most durable solution to stop birds
Immediate results
Barely visible from the ground
Does not harm the birds
Maintenance free
Ensures clean safe environment