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VEXO’s polycarbonate base with stainless steel bird spike range combine v-shaped hardened spring stainless steel spikes locked onto a UV-protected clear polycarbonate base to produce a light weight, easy-to-install solution without specialized tools.

PC base anti bird spikes are an economical solution that effectively deter small birds away from the area, yet safe and harmless.

All PC base bird spikes come with 10 year warranty.

Be wary of imitators – choose VEXO bird spikes Australia.

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UV stabilized virgin PC

VEXO PC bases are injection molded from virgin polycarbonate resin with UV stabilisers. The result is a base with greater strength, clarity and resilience so that segments gently snap off with brittle shattering.


Thin durable stainless steel spikes

All spikes are thin yet strong made from high grade #304 stainless steel that is hardened to withstand pressure from small to medium sized birds.


Quick and simple to install

VEXO PC spikes are extremely light and easy to install. Spikes are segmented with can be snapped off by hand to custom size.


Stable base with maximum coverage

VEXO was the first to pioneer the wave base formation, creating added stability and coverage.


Blocks small birds

Interlocking spikes create an impenetrable barrier that prevents even small birds like sparrows from nesting between spikes.


Economical solution

VEXO spikes are a cost effective method of bird proofing, without additional maintenance required. They’re built to last so that your building will.


All polycarbonate stainless steel spikes are quick and simple to install.


Required length = linear perimeter
Required width = width of ledge + 10 mm overhang


Clean, disinfect and repair any damaged surfaces.


Bond VEXO spikes only to dry clean surfaces. Apply a bead of adhesive along the underside of the base. Firmly press and wriggle VEXO spikes onto the surface to ensure maximum contact between substrates.



Full adhesive strength is generally reached 12 hours after bonding depending on temperature and humidity.

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