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VEXO full stainless steel bird spikes are the most durable bird deterrent. They are incredibly thin yet strong and conform to any surface. Made in Australia, our stainless steel bird spikes are designed for installation efficiency and to be visually discreet.

For over 20 years, VEXO has continuously refined our welding technology to develop precision spot welds that are stronger and cleaner than any on the market.

All full stainless steel bird spikes come with 15 years warranty.

Be wary of imitators – choose VEXO bird spikes Melbourne, Australia.

For polycarbonate bird deterrent spikes click here.




Superior durability and reliability

VEXO stainless steel spikes come with 15 years warranty. To ensure consistently high standards of quality, 1 in every 30 strips produced is examined and tested to destruction.


Fast installation

1 metre length spikes allows for much greater efficiency when installing large areas. Spikes are packed specifically for fast, easy and safe access out of the box.


Conformable to any surface

0.8 mm thin base is both strong and malleable. More surface contact means greater adhesion and a more durable installation.


High grade #304 stainless steel

VEXO spikes are made entirely from premium grade #304 stainless steel that’s more durable than polycarbonate. Spikes are also made from hardened spring stainless steel for added strength and corrosion resistance.


Does not harm the birds

Spikes create a visual deterrent against birds from landing, perching or nesting where they are installed. They are a more humane alternative as birds avoid the area and are not harmed.


Maintenance free

Vexo spikes immediately evict birds away from the area and will continue to deter birds for over 15 years without further maintenance. No need for power, regular repair or replacement required, eliminating additional labour costs.


Vexo spikes is one of the easiest and fastest bird deterrents to install.


Required length = linear perimeter
Required width = width of ledge + 10 mm overhang


Clean, disinfect and repair any damaged surfaces.


Bond VEXO spikes only to dry clean surfaces. Apply a bead of adhesive along the underside of the base. Firmly press and wriggle VEXO spikes onto the surface to ensure maximum contact between substrates.



Full adhesive strength is generally reached 12 hours after bonding depending on temperature and humidity.


VEXO spikes can also be installed with self-tapping screws for wood or metal surfaces. Use at least 4 screws per metre strip. Cable ties can also be used for added secureness.

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