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PC4 – Polycarbonate Spike – Wide

The PC4 bird spikes unique wave base formation was first designed by VEXO in 1995 and has since become an industry standard. Its wide and dense spike coverage is unbeatable against small birds.

PC4 is made from UV stabilised virgin polycarbonate to ensure a better quality finish that is durable under outdoor exposure.

V-Spikes are made from hardened spring stainless steel and will not bend or fail under pressure, even from larger birds.

Spikes visually deter birds from coming near the surface but are barely visible to the human eye and each spike tip is blunted to prevent injuries to birds or installers.

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50cm long PC base that is light and quick to install.
2.5cm segments that easily and smoothly break off to size.
Hardened spring stainless steel spikes that hold their form under pressure and won’t bend or fail.
Holes for rivets/screws that facilitate the bonding process when installed with adhesive bond.
1.3mm diameter spikes provide a discreet solution that is barely visible from the ground.
Narrow distance between interlocking rows of spikes prevents small birds from nesting between them.
Instantly deters small birds from landing, nesting and defecating.
Interlocking coverage prevents birds from perching and nesting between spikes.
Durable, maintenance-free solution.
Fast, light and simple installation.
Economical barrier against small and medium birds.
Does not harm birds.
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