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PW36 – Post and Wire System

The PW36 bird spikes provide an effective and efficient method of birdproofing large, flat surfaces and is the most discreet method for protecting buildings.

Suitable for deterring medium to large pest birds such as gulls or pigeons.

Constructed from 100% high-grade #304 stainless steel that can withstand a high stress load without bending, coupled with durable nylon coated stainless steel wire, our VEXO wire post system creates a clean and discreet solution that does not impact a building or structure’s visual characteristics.

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Dual-rod base with adjustable anchoring points.
Strong 4mm hardened stainless steel rods to keep the line taut.
Dual eyelet for effective birdproofing.
Chamfered edges around eyelet to protect nylon lines.
Clean and almost invisible deterrent system.
Outlasts conventional wire systems.
Removes birds permanently.
Cuts out the cost of cleaning and maintaining roofs.
Does not harm birds.
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