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SP01/3/5 – Solar Panel Spike

SP01 bird spikes protect solar panels from birds and small creatures that like to nest under them.

The anti bird spikes create an impenetrable curtain that prevents animals from sheltering and leaving excrement on the roof, and are made from 100% high-grade #304 stainless steel that protects against rust, UV and chemical degradation.

These bird spikes are designed to ensure they do not interfere with the solar panels or impact the efficiency of the panel’s solar energy collection.

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Half-metre long base with pre-stamped holes for fast installation.
Incredibly thin base (0.8mm).
Precision spot welding for clean, durable finish.
Short distance between spikes to form an impenetrable barrier against birds.
Durable solution to protect against pests that seek to inhabit beneath solar panels.
Once installed, the spikes will last for many years without maintenance.
Ensures solar panels work at their highest efficiency without costly maintenance.
Does not harm birds.
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